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How to Kill Cockroaches

Did you know that cockroaches, the most common pest in your home, inhabited the planet before the human race? Biologists consider cockroaches to have incredible resilience having survived many annihilations with their adaptive strategies. It has been estimated that there are around 3500 different species of cockroaches in the world giving homeowners plenty of unnecessary headaches when they invade. Cockroaches vary in size and shape. Some are a few inches long while others are quite small hardly resembling the other species. Their great survival instincts make them very difficult to eradicate. This tends to create many problems in your home.

Survival Strategies to kill cockroaches

How To Kill Cockroaches is a question most homeowners ask. The basic idea here is to find out the root cause which helps these cockroaches infest your home. The strategies to kill them are:

1.    Minimize the food available for them around your home

Even though you clean your home on a daily basis, you will still find food scraps around your home. This is important as it allows for the cockroaches to breed in your home. In order to avoid such a horrible situation , you should quickly follow these basic steps:


•    Sweep or vacuum your floors at least once a day.

•    Try not eat while walking or talking on the phone. This leaves food crumbs on the floor attracting cockroaches.

•    Remove grease from dishes and kitchen surfaces by washing them in hot, soapy water.

•    Store all your trash in an airtight tight container. This stops cockroaches from creating a breading ground in your trashcans.

•    Store small portions of uneaten food in separate containers. Airtight is best!

2.    Attack the places where they hide!

Cockroaches only need very small areas to hide with the ability to squeeze into tight spaces. The best method of How To Kill Cockroaches is to attack their nesting places with the best roach killer on the market.

•    You can and should utilize products such as traps include the “roach motel” among many other options.

•    Place traps in dark areas and corners in addition to known areas of gathering. If you have EVER noticed a cockroach there, dead or alive, place a trap around there just to be sure.

•    Be cautious with your pets should you decide to use a spray. They are normally toxic and quite harmful to pets(and to you)! Be sure to consult the label prior to use.

•    Boric acid can be used in the crevices of the wall, your stores, attics, kitchen cabinets. It works as a poison and is abrasive to the cockroaches’ exoskeleton.

3.    Keep up the Attack!

When these cockroaches are demolished, you must continue on with your efforts. Keeping up with a clean environment will greatly reduce the likelihood of a repeat infestation. Here are some helpful reminders:

•    Keep traps in place as a regular precaution. The best offense is a good defense! I label mine with the date I place them so I know when it is time to change.

•    While your efforts alone should be sufficient, it is suggested you do consult with a pest control company especially if you had a serious outbreak recently.

•    As with any ongoing effort, it is helpful to make these extra steps part of your normal cleaning routine. Over time it will just be second nature!

4.    Remove any stagnant water around your home

Like most living beings, cockroaches also need water. If you remove stagnant water from around your home and continue to keep it dry, you would be able to kill off the cockroaches quickly. This can be done through several basic ways, including but not limited to:

•    Mend any faucets which have dripping water or leaks around the joints. Check under your sink and any other visible plumbing.

•    Check outdoor plumbing as well. Remember the problem can be anywhere within a reasonable distance!

•    Properly plug the sinks over drains. If you have a garbage disposal, ensure it is clean thoroughly after use, then plug.

•    Do not excessively water your garden plants. Overly moist soil is a good place for cockroaches to inhabit for perpetual access to safe water.

5.    Seal their hangout locations

Take away the roaches ability to enter your home and living space. You will no longer be asking how to kill cockroaches! Here are a few ideas:

•    Putty wall cracks and holes

•    Your house may shift over time, especially if you live in some parts of the world. Seal corners with some silicone to avoid a special future entrance.

•    Ensure your windows are caulked.

•    Place door sweeps under your doors. This removes the gap between the door and the ground.

•    Seal the various slab foundations. Check your garage!

•    Doors with cracks or stress fractures can also be sealed.

When you want to prevent cockroaches from entering your home, their eradication process is a continuing process. The points mentioned above have to be followed in order to achieve success. Once every three months it is a good idea to have a comprehensive pest control inspection of your home. This would not only eliminate the cockroaches but also remove other harmful home pests. A clean home void of cockroaches will help you  and your family enjoy a better quality of life, free from unwanted ailments and diseases.

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