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building bridges

Building Bridges 

Building Bridges is an initiative to inspire and encourage individuals and organisations to get involved in preventing and resolving conflict through long-term peace building activities. 

This initiative started in Kenya of as a competition, with the long term aim to develop into a Kenyan peace movement which encourages people to take own peaceful action and connect with each other. It aims to stimulate those initiatives which contribute to preventing or overcoming conflict within or between communities. 

Building Bridges offers a platform to all Kenyans to connect in their efforts for peace and to inspire each other. The online platform facilitates to find other people and organizations for networking, cooperation and inspiration.With more than 600 peace initiatives the competition was a huge success.

Do you want to learn how to set up a social campaign? Based on the successes and the lessons learnt of the Building Bridges campaign in Kenya a toolkit is developed. This toolkit includes a case-study, the software and it’s documentation and a How To. Want to discover more about this toolkit? Visit the website toolkit.butterflyworks.org.