Jane Mweru Kamau

In the category individuals the winner of the Building Bridges competition was Jane Mweru Kamau. After she was involved in an incident during the riots herself, Jane decided to start a children centre within her farm. The centre is now a nursery school that targets young children aged between 3-6 years who witnessed the inferno. She says that the small children were traumatized by what they witnessed and she hold sessions with them where they get to talk about peace love and unity.

Amani Kibera

The Amani Kibera Initiative was the winner in the category of the CBO’s. Amani Kibera was formed in October 2007 and focuses on the improved youth community participation in peace building, conflict management and active nonviolence through sports, culture and education in Nairobi Kibera slums. Amani Kibera can be described as a vehicle for youth development, information exchange, training, networking, and youth leadership. They ascertain themselves through networking, partnership and mentorship so as to become a centre where youth would share and seek assistance in all aspects of their lives and nature their talent to make them productive people in life and development.

The Rafiki Club

The winner in the category CSO’s was The Rafiki Club. Rafiki club is non-profit organization working to empower women and girls in rural Africa. Main programs are on Adult education, mentorship for girls, health and enterprise development for women. The Rafiki Club is an initiative that gathers women from different parts of Kenya to write and exchange letters to their counterparts within the country and abroad. After  the post-election violence in 2007/2008 it was evident that there was need to empower women as peace makers, thus we extended the beauty of the Rafiki Club initiative to involve women writing letters for peace and compassion. this exercise involves pairing women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds from our locations to write letters to each other and  celebrate  their diversity and uniqueness that can expand markets for their handcrafts if they co-exist in peace.