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Portable Air Conditioners- Know The Pros And Cons Of A Portable Air Condioner

If you live in a small space, like a small apartment or even a small room, in a home, just having the window open will not always cool down your room. When a person, or family, lives in a small space, they might not want to purchase a large air conditioner either. This is when portable room air conditioners come into the picture. Portable room air conditioners are being come and more popular these days. In fact, office workers who work in cramped spaces bring these portable air conditioners into their office as well.

The best thing about portable air conditioners are, they move around with ease and are not heavy either. If you are concerned about height or size, many portable air conditioners range in sizes to fit your personal space. They can be purchased at around 30 inches in height and only take up 12 to 18 inches of space. If a renter or office worker uses a space ranging in 150 to 250 square feet, then a portable air conditioner would be a great investment to stay cool, and fit in that space without taking up too much room. The portable air conditioners made today can be purchased with 8,000 to 13,000 BTU power as well. This will all depend on what type of room(s) you want to cool down which have something called a self-evaporating technology.

Another good thing about owning a portable air conditioner is they do not take a lot to maintain. That is, there is no need to always have a traditional air conditioner maintenance person come to your home to fix it or keep it good running order. Don’t get me wrong, even though this is not a traditional air conditioner, it is still an air conditioner nonetheless and still needs to be maintained if you want this to last for a while. If you are one who likes to fix things around the home, then small repairs can probably be done by you. There are sure to be maintenance directions in the box the portable air conditioner came in.

est Portable Air ConditionersAlso, if you are one who is looking to conserve energy, a portable air conditioner is what you want. Since these air conditioners are small and easily movable, they also do not require a lot of energy consumption either. As the summer months begin to roll around, there is no need for anyone to live through the awful heat coming our way. Portable air conditioners are less expensive and in the long run, will take up less energy. The cost of energy is on the rise, with the purchase of a portable air conditioner, which can be moved from room to room, it will be the best purchase any apartment dweller or office worker ever made. Nobody needs to live with extreme heat and high energy bills anymore.

How About Saving Money With An Energy Star Portable Air Conditioner

Energy Star is a program designed to help people save money and the environment. As of right now, Energy Star is unable to have their logo placed on any portable air conditioners. However, there are still portable air conditioners out there that use less energy than others. Although such units may not be able to bear the logo, Energy Star does have specific qualifications in which portable air conditioners can meet in order to live up to their standards. Some of these qualifications are having higher EERs, as well as being able to use 10% less energy than the standard model. So although Energy Star portable air conditioners may not exist as of yet, there are still energy efficient units out there.

There are several differences between the available Energy Star air conditioners that are currently on the market such as features, functions, and price. In this article you will learn what the differences between various air conditioners are so that you can choose one that will work best for you.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind while choosing an air conditioner is the British Thermal Unit (BTU). This number will tell you the cooling capacity of the air conditioner in which you are looking at. For portable air conditioners, this number will typically be below six thousand, although you may find one that exceeds this number. Make sure that you buy an air conditioner that’s maximum cooling capacity matches the size of the room that you plan to cool.

Since All Energy Star compliant portable air conditioners are required to save you at least ten percent over a normal air conditioner, you will not need to place a lot of emphasis on this. But, if you are interested in squeezing every ounce of energy savings from your new air conditioner, you should know that some Energy Star units will exceed ten percent.

The price of the unit that you buy will depend on a number of factors such as brand name, model, special features, BTU, and energy saving percentages. Because there are so many brand names available, which all feature the Energy Star label; it is far beyond the scope of this article to review each one. Sound advice would be to contact your local vendor, and ask for a consultation concerning the difference between brand names.

The model refers to the year in which the air conditioner was manufactured. You can save money by purchasing the previous year’s model, although you may not enjoy cutting edge features included in newer models. Some special features are reverse cycle, directional vents, timers, digital displays, and remote controls. All of these special features will typically add to the price that you will pay for your new air conditioner.

Listed below are a couple of the most energy efficient portable air conditioners to be found.

The Whynter SNO Arctica ARC-13W

This Whynter model is known to have one of the highest EER of any portable air conditioner. Its EER is 11.06. It also has 13000 BTU. This model is not only eco-friendly but quiet as well. Its noise level is anywhere from 34-43dB depending on how high you have the settings. This is a reliable product that is well worth the money. It comes with many great features too. Some of its features include a self evaporating design, a 24 hour timer, pull handle and wheels, easy to clean reusable filters, a window kit, and remote control operation. This model uses R410A refrigerant which is also eco-friendly.

Sunpentown WA-1220E

This unit is the closest you’ll find to an Energy Star portable air conditioner. It has 12000 BTU and a 12.63 EER. It also has some great features and functions such as an extended hose for continuous drainage, 2 fan speeds, dehumidifier function, window kit, and a washable air filter. It is also easy to find seeing as it can be purchased from several major retailers. This air conditioner is also a little less expensive than that of the Whynter SNO Arctica ARC-13W. The Sunpentown however, has fewer amenities and isn’t as eco-friendly seeing as it lacks the R410A refrigerant.

Although there are only 2 portable air conditioners that seem to have EERs high enough to fit the Energy Star standards, they are known to be reliable. These 2 units are also very reasonably priced. It all depends on the features, functions, and cooling capacity you are looking for. It is very rare to find any portable air conditioners with an EER any higher than 9.8, unless they happen to be for commercial use. For the amount of BTU that the Whynter SNO Arctica ARC-13W and the Sunpentown WA-1220E both have, the EERs that they have are very high. It is extremely unlikely you’ll find anything near as energy efficient as these 2 models. If you are looking for something with a lower BTU then remember 9.8 is as high as they usually come.


The Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air ConditionersFirstly, as they are named, portable air conditioners are made to be compact in size and light in weight. Sometimes, they are constructed with wheels underneath to make them easily transportable from one place to another. This is their biggest advantage over other air conditioning units: they can be transported easily. If you want to use the air conditioner in the living room, all you have to do is bring it there and install the vent, and it’s ready for use. You can save a lot of money this way because you don’t have to buy a separate air conditioner for the living room and for the bedroom, or for any room in the house for that matter.

Easy installation is another advantage that this type of device can provide. You don’t need to install it using screws or other fixing materials, and you can use it right out of the box. You just need to create an exhaust vent that will allow all the condensed air to exit the air conditioner, but the space and time consumed in the process is very minimal.

Since they are small, they are also cheaper than typical full-sized air conditioners, especially in comparison with the prices of central air conditioners. They are easy to invest in because you don’t have to allocate a large budget toward buying one.

If you frequently change homes or you’re just living in an apartment, it’s particularly beneficial to own a portable air conditioner because you don’t need access to windows (as is necessary with window air conditioners) and you also don’t have to transport big and heavy central air conditioners every time you move homes. Find more about quietest portable air conditioners on

The Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Despite the good qualities of portable air conditioners, they do have their drawbacks, especially if you compare their energy efficiency levels to other options. The consumption of portable air conditioners is less than central units but it’s almost equal to that of window types. Comparing the ability of these air conditioners to condition air, window air conditioners are much more effective.

Also, since you need to create an exhaust for these devices, you still can’t place them anywhere you want. You are restricted to installing portable air conditioners near a window or an outlet where the exhaust hose can be located without causing any inconvenience. Therefore, in moving the air conditioner, you also need to be careful. For some, this defeats its original purpose.

The noise level of these air conditioners is also almost equal to that of window type ones, so it’s like a window air conditioner with lesser conditioning ability. As compared to the window type, this model uses floor space which is very important in a room, making it more space-consuming.


Now that you know what good and bad things to expect from portable air conditioners, you’ll be able to make a wiser choice whether you should buy this type of air conditioner or not. That way, you can make an investment that’s worth every penny. Best of luck!